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The face naturally needs more tanning power than the body, which is normally covered by clothes. This is why we have put a lot of effort into our facial tanners. Our aim has always been to achieve an optimised, balanced compromise between direct tanning and pigment regeneration, thus creating a rapid and intensive but also long-lasting, natural tan.

Our latest addition is the revolutionary Ultra Performance Technology, which consists of a combination of optimised glass reflectors and filter glasses with special coating for more efficiency in facial tanning. The result is more UV output at low energy input, and therefore reduced electricity consumption.

The individual facial tanner units have state-of-the-art computer-designed geometrics to ensure the best possible UV distribution. This avoids power peaks that cause unpleasant heat to the face, and trough areas too low in UV power.

Another advantage for your customers is that the unwanted heat is passed through to the back of the glass reflectors. Only those wavelengths actually involved in the tanning process are reflected. The combination with special coating additionally gives you reduced brightness to the face.

Ultra-powerful news  
Sometimes the good things are right behind you.  

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