A fruity wellness oasis

Is there any such thing as total relaxation? We think so. AVS - Aroma Vitalizer System - by SOLTRON, an aroma programme with scent molecules that act directly on the autonomic nervous system, but are too faint to cross the awareness threshold. Your customers are not sprayed with perfume, but are surrounded by fine scent microparticles that flood the tanning tunnel. Your customers can decide the duration of the aroma programme. Anyone that doesn't feel like it can simply switch it off. But who would do that?

The trick: the air in the cabin is also enriched with aromas during the final phase of each tanning session. The scent is specific to each sunbed model - exciting, hot Chili scent in Chili Power, fruity orange scent in Flying Orange, fresh Kiwi scent in Kiwi King, pleasant cherry scent in Charming Cherry and sweet strawberry scent in Strawberry Star. This gives the next customer that perfect all-round feeling at the beginning of the session.

The V in AVS stands for the special Vitalizer freshening mist that spreads over the face and body at programmed intervals from the ultra-fine pressure nozzles at the press of a button - a cool sensation for the body and mind that provides pleasant support for the aroma system. As a pleasing side-effect, the Vitalizer system's hygienically completely pure special water mist reduces that typical post-session UV smell. If required, the facial mist can be switched off separately. You can set the Vitalizer effect to match your customers; AVS comes in factory-set intervals, but these can be programmed to various levels.

Anti stress program and wellness oasis  
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The absolute sound experience.  

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