The compact XXS-25 Sunny Starfruit is the new guiding star in the sky for hotels, wellness centres and beauty salons. Its sunny, fruity exterior is a definite eye-catcher, emphasising its purpose in life - the beauty of your customers.

  • Ultra performance technology with 27 UV lamps and 1 facial tanner for exceptionally efficient facial tanning!
  • Luscious colours, jazzy shapes, and catchy fruit design!
  • Ergonomically designed Body Comfort sunbed base!
  • Two sound options: Stereo Sound or Stereo Sound Plus, with two high-quality satellite boxes and MP3 dock!
Juicy power
As if twenty-seven 100W lamps weren´t enough, the Sunny Starfruit
comes with a 300W facial tanner with Ultra Performance technology as well.

Sunny highlights
Body Comfort base acrylic effective body cooling - big-sunbed features you'll find in compact Sunny Starfruit. You can individually set the direction and intensity of the air to your face, while the Easy Touch control panel combines convenience in ease of use and cleaning.

A glowing future
The jazzy Sunny Starfruit design with matching profile design will bring any cabin to stardom. You don't even need an industrial power socket for it - a standard mains socket is all you need. The optional
Stereo Sound or Stereo Sound Plus incl. MP3 dock will bring the stars to your clients as they tan.

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