The future has already begun at Soltron.

We have continuously extended our UV capability since the introduction of the EU 0.3 W/m standard.

We?ve taken it further, reaching levels of efficiency that have never been seen before ? with OPTIMIZED PERFORMANCE technology, ensuring the best tanning power available compliant with the 0.3 W/m standard.
OPTIMIZED PERFORMANCE technology is an intelligent combination of
  • innovative Ultra Performance PLUS technology consisting of an optimised glass reflector, filter glasses with special coating and UV-B-optimised low-pressure lamps for tanning power to the face using all the power that the lamps have to give while keeping to the standards.
  • Modified low-pressure UV lamps to the body for UV power compliant to the standards.
  • Software-controlled power control to match any national standard without alterations to the hardware ? maximising your investment security when you sell your sunbed on.
All sunbeds equipped with OPTIMIZED PERFORMANCE technology include XTRA in the model name.
These models comply with the EN 60335-2-27:2008 standard at a maximum UV dose of 0.3 W/m (erythema dose), and carry the TV-GS kitemark for approved safety.

As shown in the graph, regular sunbeds in accordance with the 0.3-Standard reduce the risk of sunburn but the tanning results appear later.

OPTIMIZED PERFORMANCE-technology combines fast tanning results with the low risk of sunburn within the 0.3-Standard.
With the OPTIMIZED PERFORMANCE-technology, pigment darkening starts almost as fast as on 0.6-sunbeds.
With longer tanning sessions, the time for pigment darkening can be more than doubled.
Due to longer tanning durations, the time for pigment generation can even be more than tripled.

Full lamp performance at power ratings compliant with the EU standard  
a better return on investment!  

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