Whets the appetite for more

Once they've tried XL Flying Orange, your tan-hungry salon customers will keep coming back for more. The sunbed design alone will make their mouth water. Anyone would want more - more tan, more fun, more enjoyment.

Juicy power
Guaranteed to match your customers taste four ultra-powerful facial tanners in Ultra Performance PLUS (including three 8W low-pressure UV-B lamps) for facial tanning to the new standard at top lamp output. You have a choice between fifty high-tech tubes to the body in the Dynamic Power version, or the smart Twin Power version consisting of 160W tubes in the canopy and 120W tubes in the base.

Juicy design
Flying Orange comes in a smart outfit to whet the appetite for a tan as your customers come through the door. A classy combination of high-gloss and matt, discrete interior lighting two lighting elements make out that unmistakable Flying Orange Design.

Comfort and luxury
The sophisticated Body Comfort base acrylic is more than just comfortable in Flying Orange. It's almost as if you are being carried on invisible wings. Full Air Condition (standard in the Dynamic Power version) and convenient control with the Soft-Touch keyboard and LED display showing the elapsed tanning time add to a relaxing, refreshing tanning experience. What more could you want?

Refreshing extras
The luxury does not end there - optional extras include the AVS system (in the Dynamic Power version) and/or the vertical shoulder tanners ? with or without the installed Power Sound system to match your taste ? and your customers? tastes.

The King of Taste  

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