Since the 0.3 W/m2 Regulation was adopted by the EU, we have continued to systematically develop our competence in the field of UV. This includes our advanced Dynamic Power Technology, which employs electronic microprocessor control, to optimise the output of the UV lamps and to ensure constant, high tanning power throughout the lamp's extended lifetime.

Now, thanks to our OPTIMIZED PERFORMANCE technology, we have now achieved a record level of UV output efficiency. This guarantees the best possible tanning performance while complying with the new Standard EN 0,3. OPTIMIZED PERFORMANCE technology represents an intelligent combination of:

  • innovative Ultra Performance PLUS technology, comprising an optimized glass reflector, a special-coated filter glass, and UV-B optimized spaghetti lamps for compliant face tanning power, while making full use of the lamp's maximum power!
  • modified low-pressure UV lamps for body tanning with Standards-compliant UV performance.
With microprocessor-controlled power regulation, it is possible to perform modifications ensuring compliance with all national Standards without necessitating any conversions. For you, this means maximum investment security in the event of resale.

More than just wattage

One of Soltron's new developments is the additional power designation in kilojoules; we've moved with the times here as well. Technological developments at JK have constantly reduced energy consumption in sunbeds while upping tanning effectiveness. Tanning power always used to be given in watts - a value that only refers to the power input.

The power that actually touches your skin is far more important and accurate - UV output, which is measured in kilojoules per minute.
This is a unit of measurement that you'll find on every Soltron sunbed in the future, giving you, as a salon owner, a better idea of a sunbed's tanning capability.

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