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I have a question... Most questions and objections come up again and again. Almost all people have the same worries and concerns. Look forward to those questions and be prepared, because every question a customer asks is a chance to show you are competent. For all medical special questions however, you should refer your customers to a doctor.

Can I use a tanning studio during pregnancy?

If your pregnancy is without complication there's no problem, because UV-rays will not penetrate several layers of tissue and reach the skin of the foetus. However, you should avoid stressing your body excessively by too long tanning sessions.

How is it possible that some blonde people acquire a deeper tan that people with black hair?

There are blonde people that don't have the poorly pigmented skin types I + II, but have skin type III. The hair type is not enough to allocate a person to a certain skin type.

What can light protection substances in skin care products actually do? (They are the light protection factor)

The factor is the number that is multiplied with the skin type specific own protection time. If, for instance, sunburn occurs after one hour of sunbathing without light protection, this time is doubled to 2 hours if a protection factor 2 is used.
In our example the individual agreeable dose of UV-B is reached after 2 hours. Therefore, there is no point in applying more protection that would allow more UV-B to penetrate. As a result, painful sunburn would occur.

Can sunshine trigger herpes?

Herpes can occur under any stressful circumstance. Increased sun radiation is one of the most common causes. Many skiers will confirm this.

Why do scar tissue and stretch marks not tan?

Usually scars don?t tan because they are connective tissue, in most cases don't contain cells that form pigment and therefore they do not tan. Stretch marks are ruptures in the tissue that also lack pigment cells.

Do hormone pills (contraception) trigger erratic pigmentation during sun-tanning?

Taking hormone pills results in stronger pigmentation ? especially in the face. Why hormones trigger changes in pigmentation is not known.

Do you get a suntan in the shade?

This is indeed the case. It is not only direct sunrays that tan, but also secondary radiation in the immediate surroundings. Sand and snow for instance strongly reflect sunrays (up to 50%). Therefore, you also get a suntan if you are lying under a sunshade on the beach.

When tanning laps get old, do they emit more UV-B?

No. Neither low-pressure lamps nor the filters of the high-pressure lamps become more UV-permeable when they get older.
After a sunbath, can I do something that is good for my skin?

Moisturizing care substances deepen the tan after a sunbath and keep your skin smooth.

How often can I use a solarium?

Conservative recommendations of the radiation protection commission stipulate that 50 sunbaths per year are sufficient. However, if you have a suntan that provides a certain light protection, more frequent sunbaths are acceptable.

Although I wasn't sunburned, my skin was red after the last time I used a solarium. How could that be?

The redness was caused by heat. This kind of redness is visible after sunbathing but wears off quickly and is generally harmless.

I have lots of pigment spots. Can I still use a solarium?

If you have more than 50 pigment spots you should consult a doctor before using a solarium.

I have the feeling that some parts of my body are less tanned than others. Why is that so?

There are several reasons. For better light protection, the epidermis of your face is thicker. Some body parts, such as the palms of your hands, the inside of your arms and legs have less pigmented cells than the rest of the skin.

What kind of diseases can be alleviated by UV-radiation?

Indeed it is possible to improve the condition of the skin for some diseases. Psoriasis, acne and neurodermatitis are among those. But again: The therapy of a disease should always be in the hands of a doctor.

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