Full lamp performance at power ratings compliant with the EU standard

Ultra Performance PLUS technology gives you a perfectly matched combination of optimised glass reflectors, filter glasses with special coating, and UV-B-optimised low-pressure lamps for unprecedented efficiency in facial tanning.

  • Our state-of-the-art computer-designed glass reflectors ensure optimal UV spread to avoid those unpleasant hotspots to the face along with the weak areas with too little UV light.
  • Filter glasses with special coating optimise UV light effectiveness in the high-pressure units, filtering out that part of the UV-B spectrum range that causes erythema - the medical term for sunburn.
  • Additional 8W UV-B-optimised low-pressure lamps control the UV-B range to the intensity permitted by the standard, giving you facial tanners that are both effective and standard-compliant.
Optimized Performance technology combines Ultra Performance PLUS with modified low-pressure lamps to the body as well as software-controlled power to give you maximum power while keeping to all of the standards that apply.

Ultra Performance Plus will be available in the Series XXL-, XL-, L-, M- and S-.

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